It started with a sink...

For quite some time my husband and I knew a cake kitchen was in my future... we just didn't know when. On a totally unrelated event this past May my husband came across this used sink. Our local french cultural centre was no longer needing it so my husband asked if we could "take if off their hands?", we could so we did!!! About 6 hours of cleaning, $20 in new rubbers and the plumber (aka my husband), we now had this BEAUTIFUL sink. Looking back this was the easy part! Now fall was soon to approach and both my kids would be in school full time. It was the perfect time to start work again and what better then the flexibility of working from home.

While one of our many trips to Costco we decided we'd pick up this garage work bench.... the perfect workspace. We now had a design concept in mind. (I don't know the technical term, but I'll call it residential industrial!)

On our trip to look at industrial ovens we came across this bar cooler... cool or what! a second workspace with a cooler underneath! perfection if you as me.

so we bought it.
He my husband is picking it up for me from the city.

next post... the reveal.